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IT Assessments 

Our IT assessments will help you examine the technology and processes you rely on today to provide the best practice recommendations for tomorrow.

Disaster Recovery

Today's rapidly changing market requires not only strategic decisions, but insightful ones.  At The Vircios Group, our  experience, insights and skills will help your business expect the unexpected.

The Vircios Group  

After two decades in the IT trenches, I've had my fair share of career hurdles but one hard truth has always remained: Success in IT is not just about what you know, your skill level, or  what you think you know, but how you navigate, that makes all the difference.

 With the rapid and ever evolving world of technology, comes an even higher demand, necessity and accountability for the human factor to evolve just as quickly-- if not ahead of it. That's where I come in. 


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If you run a business, being prepared to weather a disaster of any kind is critical to you and the customers you serve.  The Calm After The Storm focuses on the fundamental building blocks required to implement a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan that will prepare your business to effectively continue operations with little or no impact to the customers you serve.

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