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Post my honorable military discharge and armed with an Information Technology degree, I had grand visions. I believed the fusion of leadership skills cultivated in the military, paired with my academic know how, that I would fast-track my ascent in the IT hierarchy. Oh, how little did I know!

Entering the real world, I was faced with unexpected obstacles and setbacks.  In no time, I learned that  IT is not a one size fits all, straightforward step by step manual to follow. I had to learn how to "break" things so to speak before I could fix them. As an IT leader, I quickly realized that the "perfect" solution does not exist, nor were outside technology vendors always the answer. I had to learn to constantly adapt and create the solutions I needed. 


Through the highs and lows, I discovered that resilience, adaptability, humility, and a willingness to embrace change are the true cornerstones of a successful IT career. Let's face it, in the IT world, change is the only reliable constant. So, success I realized, is not synonymous with avoiding failure but rather learning and using those lessons as catalysts for personal and professional growth.


After twenty years of experience in the IT industry, I passionately continue to invest my time into developing highly efficient IT teams to support the implementation of the latest technologies and robust Disaster Recovery plans that give peace of mind to businesses of all types. 


I now began this journey to provide consulting and create meaningful content for those in pursuit of defining their own success in IT. 


 Your interest in my business is genuinely appreciated, and I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share my insights. I look forward to connecting with you!


Chris Sliga

Founder & CEO

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